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”If you don’t know where to start, don't worry!
You’ve found us”




the skin edit

Being passionate about skin, means we're dedicated to getting to the root of your skin concerns - treating the source of your issues and creating your tailored skin programme. With holistic skincare regimes that work synergistically alongside a range of treatments. For you to get the best start on your skin journey, a full skin consultation is required, and from there, we can create achievable skin goals together - and get on the path to great skin health.


Let's get started!

Are you ready to have the most in-depth consult you’ve ever had?

During your Skin Health Consult, we aim to get to the root cause of your skin concerns and begin to build your bespoke treatment and homecare plan.

We love to break down how your skin functions as we know how confusing it can be!

We will cover your skin’s history and habits, internal and lifestyle factors, potential hormonal influences, understanding of how your skin functions, a mini facial with your prescriptive homecare and how we will create long term skin health for you.

This sounds complicated, but don’t worry! Amplified Cosmetica is all about fuss free routines and straight forward treatment plans, making it easier to gain results in and out of the studio.

Going this in-depth, allows us to make sure we get off on the right foot!

We’re more than just a beauty studio. Leave feeling educated and inspired - how skin goals are created!

skin health consultation

allow 60 mins / $109

(get 10% off product at your appointment!)

A skin consultation is required before any skin treatment is performed. This allows for a deeper knowledge of your skin to ensure your treatment is tailored specifically for what your skin needs.

progress observ skin scan

allow 20 mins / $29

A revolutionary journey beneath the skin's surface.
Utilising the Advanced Skin Analysis with the OBSERV skin diagnostic device.

Skin catch up

allow 15 mins / $29

While you are on your skincare journey, time to catchup, review and make sure we are where we need to be!

Super skin is waiting for you!

You are special and so is your skin. You deserve to have a bespoke skin plan and the education to feel your best self.

We broke the mold and curate based on you, not the ‘box’ your skin can be put into.This means that each treatment is built for you, from the ground up, specifically for you and your skin journey. 

Your skin is always changing, evolving with what is happening in your life and your environment – we take the confusion out!

Our Skin Edit allows you to invest the best for you and we will curate your treatment from there!

Double Cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, extractions if required, back, neck and shoulder massage, bespoke mask, serum, hydrator, eye treatment and SPF. 
We will always check in at each treatment to ensure you get the best each time.


up & glow

FIRST SKIN VISIT allow 70 mins / $139

REGULAR allow 30 miins / $89

Designed for when your short on time or one of our Power Peels!

skin fit

FIRST SKIN VISIT allow 80 mins / $169

REGULAR allow 60 miins / $119

Our most popular treatment! The most time efficient way to get the level up for your monthly treatments.

let's glow out

FIRST SKIN VISIT allow 90 mins / $189

REGULAR allow 60 miins / $139

Enjoy the benefits are facial massage added to your treatment! Often thought of as ‘fluffy’, facial massage is an integral part of encouraging lymphatic drainage, release tension through trigger points and tight muscles and increase blood flow (think feeding our baby skin cells!).

the zen glow

FIRST SKIN VISIT allow 120 mins / $229

REGULAR allow 90 mins / $179

The ultimate AC experience.
Think unwind. Think disconnect. Think the ultimate glow for your skin. Amazing before your event, wedding, celebration or a beautiful pick-me-up. The zen glow.

PDA pro dermal active 

allow 105 mins / $285

REGULAR allow 135 mins / $235

Our new O-Biome Oxygenating lifting treatment! This has quickly become an AC favourite.

It strengthens, lifts, sculpts, hydrates, plumps all while supporting skin barrier strength!

Not recommended f The all-in-one treatment, is not only designed to resurface the skin but smooth, firm and restore glow. Recommended monthly to support lymphatic and lifting affects.

boost up your skin

Glow Up Second Peel $29

Glow Up Second Peel Décolletage $29
Undereye Mask $10
LumaFuse LED Mask $3
LED Light $29
Chill Globe Massage $10
O Rejuv Massage $15

Make the most of your skin treatment and upgrade your treatment!

Your skin therapist will advise you on the best options to elevate your skin results and get your best skin.


The power of light.


Our medical grade Lightstim LED machine penetrates deep into the skin layers to activate our skin cells, assist in collagen and elastin production, barrier repair, bacteria control and so many more!


A wonderful option when your skin is compromised and cannot tolerate many ingredients yet. 

led light therapy lounge

SINGLE SESSION allow 30 mins / $35

PREPURCHASE 10 sessions / $280

Join us in the LED light lounge!

How does this work?
Purchase your session through our webstore and leave the day and time you would like to book in the notes – we will have everything ready for you to cleanse then rehydrate your skin! 

We will have an instruction card for you to remember and our LED machine will be all ready for you to enjoy. Sit back, snuggle in and listen to our tunes or your fave poddy!

Purchase a package of 8 LED treatments for $280 and receive 2 sessions complimentary! These must be prepaid prior to appointment.


Our secret weapon.

We are GOLD ATP DermaPen skin therapists!

We provide safe and effective needling treatments, using the latest technology, to work hard for you. Needling allows us to support skins structures to heal and provide healthier, happier, improved skin! 

This is an amazing treatment for scarring (many different types!), pigmentation, pore size and texture, aging concerns, redness, hydration - the list goes on!

Our facial treatment includes the face and neck, aswell as a calming hydrating mask paired our chill globe massage to soothe post treatment.
Recovery is between 6 – 24 hours of redness and minor discomfort.
Immediate homecare is included for the first 3 days post treatment.



dermal needling

allow 45 mins + / from $299

We can treat multiple areas of the body, we are not limited to just the face! Advanced, targeted and specialised specifically for your concerns.

Needling requires proper skin prep and is not a treatment to walk in and receive. Your skin therapist will consult through with you to make sure you are ready and get the best from your treatments.

A course of treatments is recommended, this will differ from 2 – 8 weeks apart and 3-6 treatments. 

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