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Soleil and Soul Quick Dry Brush Mist Bottle

Soleil and Soul Quick Dry Brush Mist Bottle


We all know cleaning your Makeup Brushes is probably one of your least favorite parts of your beauty routine right..


But did you know it is actually one of the most important steps in your skincare routine due to the large amounts of bacteria that build up within your brushes. Tests have shown that makeup brushes are rated as the 4th dirtiest item within the home even when they aren't being used daily!

Bad hygiene when it comes to dirty makeup brushes not only leads to bad skin health like reoccurring breakouts and in some cases skin infections, but unclean brushes also lead to the contamination of your much loved beauty products every time they come into contact with each other too!


We wanted to take it upon ourselves to recreate your brush cleaning experience, to allow you to see just how important it is and well we think we have managed to do a pretty good job on making sure its something we can all enjoy more going forward. 

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