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Soleil and Soul Deep Cleanse Brush Shampoo Bottle

Soleil and Soul Deep Cleanse Brush Shampoo Bottle


Ahh yes the Deep cleanse brush shampoo, the one who really gets the job done and prepares your brushes perfectly for their next makeup application.

It's gentle, antibacterial and works right on into the depths of every bristle to ensure your brushes are left free from dirt, bacteria and any product residue and build up.  

All you need is a little warm water to get this party started! We recommend this product for weekly use if your a beauty lover. But for the pro's we suggest to use at the end of every day. This used in combination with our Professional Quick Dry Mist makes a pretty awesome duo that cant be beaten. 


Fun Fact - Over 1,000 different types of bacteria sit in your foundation brush alone, and yes we know what your thinking... this is a brush that also goes on your face - pretty gross right! This is why keeping them squeaky clean with something that is Antibacterial is so important, good thing we have you covered ;)

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